American Made Quality

With most brands outsourcing, Speed Queen STILL manufactures all their units at their plant in Ripon, Wisconsin. You won't find these units sold at big box stores, they only sell to small independent dealers, as quality is more important than quantity to them. Where other brands take shortcuts with plastic, Speed Queen still uses stainless steel and other heavy duty materials.
You can feel the difference yourself!

Longer Warranty

Industry standard is 1 year warranty, Speed Queen offers a 3, 5, or 7 year warranty based upon which model you choose, and a 15 year warranty on Washer Transmissions and a lifetime warranty on their Stainless Steel Wash Tubs & Outer Tubs! Get the added piece of mind you're buying the best product from a company who stands behind what they make!

Superior Washability

Times change. Dirt doesn’t. Speed Queen's 210-degree agitator with 68 strokes per minute gently moves more clothes through the water—and more water through the clothes! A stainless steel wash tub becomes smoother over time, preventing damage to your clothes. And because Speed Queen Washers spin each load as they drain, no dirt will be left behind on your laundry.
Now that’s as clean as it gets!


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